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Are BCAA's a Waste of Money?
dobcaas work

Before we get into BCAA's, understand that supplements are not regulated by the FDA or anything for that matter. Therefore they can make false claims about their products with no solid research behind them.


Furthermore they aren't monitored by a third party to make sure they contain the actual ingredients on the label.


BCAA’s consist of three essential amino acids, valine, isoleucine and leucine. They have long been touted by supplement companies to increase protein synthesis and prevent muscle break down during fasted cardio. But what does the science say?

According to recent research when you take BCAAs alone without any of the other of the twenty amino acids. It actually decreases protein synthesis. Protein synthesis plays a huge role in muscle growth.

But what about using them to prevent muscle breakdown during fasted cardio? Well we already know fasted cardio burns the same amount of fat as cardio in a fed state.


But if we ignore that for a second. BCAAs actually contain calories. There are about 45 calories in one 10 gram serving. So technically you’re not in a fasted state when you take BCAAs. Besides, doing cardio hungry sounds absolutely awful.

The only time it may make sense to take BCAAs is when you are on a plant based diet and find it difficult to meet your protein needs.

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Travis Moss

Online Evidence Based Personal Trainer


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