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Is Cardio Necessary for Fat Loss?

While cardio offers many health benefits and is great for burning calories.


It is not necessary to burn body fat. So if cardio isn't necessary when should you incorporate cardio into a weight loss program? 


Well we know from research that doing cardio hinders both muscle growth and strength gains.


This doesn’t just apply to just bodybuilders and powerlifters.


If you are looking to grow any part on your body, like the glutes for example, cardio will slow growth.

One strategy for incorporating cardio is to use it when your weight loss plateaus.


As you lose weight eventually your body adapts. This is known as adaptive thermogenesis.


Adaptive thermogenesis is caused by low levels of the hormone leptin.

When leptin levels get low your body is signaled to move less and eat more.

You may not feel tired but those little sporadic movements like fidgeting or feeling the need to get up and walk around, stop.


That activity can add up to a couple hundred calories per day. 


Paired with the fact that as you lose body fat you burn less calories. 


Since body fat does actually burns calories. This can cause weight loss to stall.


Therefore it is a great idea to add cardio into your program when weight loss slows down.


This should help get you over your plateau and moving closer to your weight loss goals.

If you want to know more about how to use cardio in your program.


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