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Do Detox Diets and Supplements Work?


Do detox diets and commercial detox supplements get rid of toxins and help with weight loss?

According to research there is no evidence that detox diets and supplements help with fat loss or detoxification.

It was recommended they be discouraged by health professionals due to potential health risks and lack of scientific evidence.

Your liver and kidneys already do a great job at detoxing your body. Here are some questions to ask someone selling detox supplements and diet plans.

1: What exact toxins are you detoxing? Please name them.

2: Do you have any research that your product gets rid of toxins? Quality Research comes from from sites like ncbi or pubmed.

3: Do you have proof your product has the proper amount of ingredients to detox these toxins?

4: What tests are you going to perform to show i have these toxins in my body at dangerous levels that my liver and kidneys cant handle on their own?

5: What tests are you going to perform to show these toxins have been eliminated?

Please be skeptical of the commercial supplement industry as it is currently unregulated.


If you think you have been exposed to some kind of toxic substance effecting your health. Please consult with your physician.


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