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Do Low Repetitions Build Muscle and High Repetitions Burn Fat
Lifting Barbell

The traditional school of thought is lifting heavy weight for repetitions between 6 and 12 is what builds muscle mass. Anything over 12 was thought to be for burning fat or endurance. While between 1 and 6 was for strength.

What research has found is that all rep ranges between 1 and 30 grow muscle pretty equally. It’s not the weight that matters it’s the total training volume (reps, sets and intensity) that grows muscle.


So as your fitness level progresses, your total reps and sets should increase if gaining muscle mass is your goal. Now if you are going to use higher reps. It is important that you push each set to failure.  


Lastly there was also no difference found in fat loss between high and low reps. This is great as it allows for those of us with goals of muscle growth to still achieve hypertrophy when equipment is limited.

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Travis Moss

Online Evidence Based Personal Trainer

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