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Does Muscle Confusion Work


Muscle confusion is the idea that constantly changing exercises confuses the muscle and prevents a plateau in growth. If your goal is to gain muscle this is not a good strategy.


The driving factor for hypertrophy is  achieved through volume (reps and sets) overload. When learning a new lift your neuromuscular system must first adapt. This allows you to execute the lift with proper coordination and eventually focus on the muscle being targeted.


Constantly changing your exercises may keep you in this learning phase. Becoming proficient at an exercise allows you to add more weight, reps and sets. All of which are driving forces for muscle growth.


Now I am not saying never change your exercises. I do believe they should be changed every few months. Overusing a movement pathway can lead to muscular imbalances and injury.

Travis Moss

Online Evidence Based Personal Trainer

MVMNT Wellness


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