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W      E      L      L      N      E      S       S

Welcome to your last fitness program


What Is Online Training

 Online Training is the equivalent to having a concierge for your fitness goals.  

Your program is built just for you and I am available 24/7 to walk you through the everyday challenges of reaching those goals.

What You Receive


This is where the concierge part comes in. Whatever you run into throughout the day, I am there to walk you through it.

Last minute dinner plans? Send me the menu I'll help you pick something out. Craving something? Message me and ill give you options

Have a social Event coming up? Ill structure your nutrition plan so you can have a social life and stay on track.

whatever you need I am always on call to help you reach your goals.

Training Plan

Your training program is built just for you and can be modified at anytime. Whether you are working out from home, a commercial gym or traveling I have you covered.


The app comes with video demonstrations and instructions of your entire workout, a nutrition tracking program and even integrates with Fitbit.


As someone who was overweight I Love Food. You'll find your menu plan to be flexible and far from boring. 

Weekly Consultations

We have weekly check in's via Skype,facetime or phone call. These calls provide an in depth review of your week and allow me to make any adjustments to your program

Online Training Packages


Online Personal Training & Nutrition Plan

Price: $150 monthly auto renewal, cancel anytime

Nutrition Coaching

Price: Monthly Auto Renewal of $75 cancel anytime

  • Initial 45 minute consultation

  • Custom workouts delivered to an app on your phone with video demonstrations of your entire workout

  • Custom meal plan with unlimited modification

  • A weekly 20 minute Skype or phone call

  • Unlimited email and messaging to me

  • Access to my nutrition tracking program

  • Progress Tracking 

  • Fitbit Integration

  • A Science Based Fitness Eductation

  • Initial 45 minute consultation

  • Two Custom Meal Plans With Unlimited Modification

  • 1 month of unlimited text and email for questions and support

  • Access to my nutrition tracking program

  • Progress Tracking

  • A Science Based Education On Nutrition

What Happens After Your Purchase?

A welcome email will be sent to you with a link to download the app MyPThub. Once downloaded you will be added as one of my clients, fill out a health questionnaire, set up your profile and watch a brief tutorial on how to use the app. From there I will contact you and set up your initial consultation.

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